SketchUp 2017 can't activate license

SketchUp 2017 can’t activate license


It says that you are using your license in too many computers, you can use only on two computers but not at the same time with a single pro license. Try to remove the licenses you have on other machines.
I’m not sure about the expiration of your license, if you bought a permanent license it should work with the version you acquired it, you should contact support to help you with this.

I am having this issue as well. Nothing happens when you click on Add license and it says Server error when deactivating.

Adding or removing licenses to 2017 or earlier is currently broken. Work is being done to fix that.

Nope, still not working.

Are you having this problem with Sketchup Pro 2022 or with 2017?

Pro 2017 and Pro 2015

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2022. That creates confusion.

Hi, I do have 2022 licenses as well.

Hi, I’m dealing with the same problem.
After changing the hardware, I want to activate SketchUp Po 2016. But unfortunately none of the buttons can be pressed, or rather nothing happens.
Please help.

As Colin wrote previously in this thread, the system is not working currently.

Great! It works now!

Nope, I’m wrong. It is still not working. I am able to see the classic Serial Number and Authorization Code page but when I click on Add License, nothing happens.

is there any update?
in my case there is a change. Now I don’t even get the licensing page.