License issue


has anyone else been having problems with opening their Pro version of SU. Neither my 2017 or 2018 are working, saying that my license is not for this computer. Thanks!



  • Did this just happen all of a sudden?

  • Have you been installing SU across multiple computers?

… If it’s the later case, I think that you may have reached the allowable maximum limit for active installations of SU.

If you go back to an earlier computer and deactivate the license from that machine. That would free it up for transfer onto another computer.

As far as I know you can have SU installed across multiple computers…but that doesn’t mean that the license can also be active for each and every machine. There is a limit for the number of 'active licenses’ you can have going… and I’ll guess that maybe that’s 2 instances for now (I don’t really remember for sure).

Does this seem relevant to your situation?

Something else could be at play here but I don’t know what that would be, if not this. If there was a problem with the Licensing Servers, I think we’d see a lot more inquiries on the forum than we currently have.

…speaking of other threads, just saw this for the first time now—maybe it’s also helpful here…??



I believe I had SU opened yesterday, or the day before, but not totally sure. I feel like it happened all of a sudden.

My machine was out of commission for a week and I haven’t loaded it on any machine other than the one I currently work on. So I’m not sure what might have happened.

I was thinking it might have been a server issue on your end. I uninstalled 2018 and reinstalled it with no change in the ability to add the serial and authorization code. 2017 is acting the same way. Both are not working.

I will look into the attached link. Is there a way to figure out if it was a server issue? Tomorrow I can check to see if I can start it up.




Did they changed anything? Licenses are attached to the MAC adress when activating via the internet. If you did not remove the license via Help or the Welcome screen, that activation is lost, it can not be undone.
When activating the SketchUp 2018 version, the status of the 2017 license is set ‘on hold’ which means that you can not activate it anymore on a new machine.
Removing it before taking the machine ‘on commission’ won’t help then…

If not installed on another computer, you would still have activations left, you can check this by installing on another computer (don’t forget to remove the license)
Provided that you install it properly, meaning:

  • Download the installer file

  • Goto the download folder

  • Rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

If not sure how you installed, do it now and when prompted, choose repair.



I went to another machine, installed 2018 and added my Serial # and Authorization code and worked perfectly. So I removed the license from the new machine, uninstalled 2018 once again on my existing machine, reinstalled it and it comes up with Sketchup Pro trial user, expired. I still went ahead and applied my serial # and Authorization code and left with trying to click on the add license button and it will not go any further than that??

So I went and uninstalled 2017 and reinstalled it thinking that by doing so it would let me and it tells me I have the wrong info. I need to get back up and running again soon. Affecting my business.




Hello @F13Design2012,

I’m sorry that you are experiencing trouble with your Pro licenses.

I am inviting Caroline of the SketchUp team to this conversation. She should be able to direct your inquiry to a staff member who can resolve the issue.


Just a heads up. Mike and I were able to find a work around. This is an issue where SketchUp would not allow the user to enter their license information. Rather, they could enter it but the button to submit the change was not responding. It may be a Java issue, I’m not sure yet.

If anyone else has an issue with not being able to enter their license information in the “welcome window”, please let me know and I’ll take deeper look. Any info collected will help insure things are working properly in the future.



Thank you, Guz! I appreciate the quick response. Everything seems to be in working order now. Hopefully you will be able to resolve the issue.