Rolling Back to an Older Version (2.0)

My SU 2019 will no longer open on my MacBookPro 2009 last version of OS X El Cap.
I have no clue why.
It’s been speculated that maybe some update that Apple did broke that capability but who knows?
I’m looking at a new system of course but in the mean time I have this question:

Would it be possible to install an earlier version, say SU 2018, and maybe that would work?
I’m going to try but wondering if anybody has already gone done this path?

Unfortunately the license you have for 2019 won’t work with 2018. You would need to contact Customer Support and see if they’d swap licenses for you.

Wish I’d looked at your website before now.

Well I can download and run SU2018.
Just now did that - but of course none of my projects will open up on it -cause they’ve all been updated to SU2019 which I think is what you were refering to.

Ah well - I think I’m going your route DaveR. Looking at a desk top PC this time round.

That was part of it. The other part is that once you get beyond the 30-day trial period, you’d be basically back to square one.

Good luck with the new machine. Check to see what Mike did here if you need some ideas.

I enabled your 2018 license again. If you don’t have the details let me know.

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