OS X Version Warning

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I get this waring when I open my SU / 2019.

The version I am running is OS 10.11.6, it’s the last version before OS X was stopped.
My SU 2019 seems to be running fine.
But my computer is too old (early 2009) to upgrade to the new Mac OS.
If I want to continue upgrading Sketchup on a yearly basis, what time frame do I have before I need to get a new computer?

my 2007 iMac [10.11.6] runs SU v19 fine, although some things take longer…


Hi Patt-

I expect SketchUp 2019 will work correctly on your current machine, so you shouldn’t need to worry about the next year or so. However, you should expect that the next version of SketchUp will likely not work on OS X 10.11.

Typically SketchUp officially supports the newest version of OS X and two previous versions. For SketchUp 2019, that means OS X 10.14, 10.13, and 10.12. At the moment we also unofficially support 10.11 and 10.10 as a convenience to users on older machines. The team will eventually need to drop support for the older versions of OS X in order to take advantage of the features and satisfy the requirements of newer versions of OS X.



Okay, got it.

mmm … so just for example, say when SketchUp stops supporting El Cap completely and I buy another computer, will I be able to transfer my existing license to the new machine or will I have to buy a brand new license?

Yes. You will want to remove the license from the old machine, and activate it on the new machine. If the old machine dies (or is stolen) before you can de-active the license, then you need special help from the support team, I believe.

Cool Cool

Ok, so I’m running a late 2009 MacBookPro, El Cap 10.11.6, the last El Cap version.
I tried opening my SU 2019 today after a period of dormant use.
It is installed but does not open.
Is this the way things are now? At this point there is no way to start my SU 2019 unless I’m running the newer MacOS systems like Sierra?
Or is SU 2019 gone forever regardless of my computer system?

I’ve moved to Sierra on one machine and High Sierra on the next one. I’d like to up that to Mojave and hold there so I can still run older 32 bit apps for as long as possible. The installers for all those are on the App Store, but you can’t just find them directly by searching the store. Googling the subject will help find some links to where they are hidden. The latest problem I hit was expired certificates for the installer for Mojave, so it wouldn’t run. I found some possible tips around that, but haven’t gotten there yet.

Last I checked you can also buy all versions of OSX on Amazon, though checking the sellers out carefully would probably be wise.