SU License: can I have SU2019 on old Mac and SU 2021 on new PC?

I just bought a new PC so I need to activate my license for it (permanent 2021).

I still run 2019 on my 2014 MacBook Pro (for old extension compatibility) but I’d like to run 2021 on my new PC. Are there any issues in doing this?

The other consideration is that I may upgrade my MacBook this year and I have a 2010 Mac Mini running MacOS 10.13.6 that I’d like to install SU 2019 on. Do I need to do that first, before adding my license to my PC? I seem to remember that once you update your version you can’t install older versions on a second computer.

Have I got this right @colin ? Thanks in advance.

If your v.2021 license is a result of upgrading the earlier 2019 license, you won’t be able to install v.2019 to any computer besides the one it is currently used.

Ya, I’m aware of that, hence my question… but I’m thinking that my way around it would be:

  1. download/install 2019 on my Mini,
  2. activate 2019 license on Mini
  3. download and install 2021 on my new PC
  4. release the license on the Mini (for as long as I have the MacBook)
  5. activate 2021 license on PC
  6. sell the MacBook
  7. reactivate the 2019 license on the Mini

That’s what I’m trying to figure out if it would work as I imagine — or if I’ll run into an unanticipated obstacle.

I do have 2017 Make on my Mini, so in a worst case I’d still have that for backwards compatibility.

If you have not yet activated v.2021 on any computer, what you propose might be possible. Perhaps @colin would be the best person to advise on the correct sequence needed for these activations and deactivations.

I sent a message to you about one small difficulty, but that aside, you should be able to have 2019 on the mini and the MacBook, and also 2021 on the MacBook and PC. You would want to remove the licenses from the MacBook before you sell it, 2019 so that the new owner doesn’t get to use your SketchUp 2019 license, and 2021, so that you can then add the 2021 license if you get a replacement for the MacBook.

Actually Colin just replied via DM and has made it possible. I had forgotten that I still had 2021 installed on my MacBook (post-trial) since I never switched over to it.

As I said to him in the DM, I really appreciate his contributions here and his reliable help with these sorts of issues.

Your active engagement on the forum and prodigious contributions are also appreciated, thanks.

Thanks again Colin. I will definitely remove the licenses and wipe the MacBook drive before I sell it.

As for 2021 under Rosetta, I hadn’t realized that the colour palette issue affected earlier versions than 2023 — but it makes sense that since it’s a Sonoma OS glitch it affects any SU version running on it.