Can I use 2016 and 2019 on one pc?

Can I use 2016 version and 2019 version on one pc?
I’m using 2016 version and didn’t made any upgrades.
I have many plugins which work perfectly especially undet plugin which works better than in 2017ver… The only problem with 2016 is that there are many new models in warehouse which need conversion to 2019.

As I don’t trust any cad software developers I would like to know if I buy 2019 I will have to upgrade any time new version is available?
And if there is possibility that sketchup 2019 wi works fine without uninstalling 2016 version?

Thanks for some information.

Each major version installs separately so you should be able to run SU2019 assuming your graphics card is up to snuff. You’ll need to get a new license for SU2019.

You can just download and install 2019 and see for yourself. I think you have a 40 day trial.

30 days.

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You should check for graphics card capability. They reworked the SketchUp graphics code in 2017 and as of then adequate OpenGL support is mandatory.

Maybe I will decide to try on a new machine, and if something goes wrong I will reset the win10.
I’m still working with quadra 4000, but now I’ve bought Dell (mobile) with quadra p3200 and I was thinking if I should buy 2019 or stay with 2016.

I’m distrustful because the software market is changing last years and I don’t want to go into subscription plans or make some adverse changes .
Last time I’ve bought new Microsoft Office 2019, and I’ve noticed that the graphics in downloaded html mails (in Microsoft Outlook), are not visible when You are not online. Few years ago, with old Windows Mail, there was no such a problem (Once downloaded graphics, they stayed on your disk)
When You are online the problem is practically imperceptible, so maybe it is the reason people don’t care.

I hope Sketchup does not serve such surprises and I hope there is not only the way in front of us, that we will be forced to pay each year subscription fees for everything. I’m retired architect, so I have no continuity of orders.
Best regards.

I thought I wrote 30 :stuck_out_tongue: .

@4_spam. You should go with Undet for SketchUp 2019 (latest version) without any doubt. We had done deep software testing, and lately, everything works very well.

As you are looking at a new computer with a quadro graphics card, we may need to customize the Undet software. If you will see empty clipping box after loading Undet project, please inform us and we will do individual customization ( :wink:

Thank You.
I will contact You via email.
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