Update 2019 classic

Dear All,

If I have 2019 classic license, but I didn’t activate and still use 2018 pro license in my pc.
But my PC suddenly down, if I remove 2018 pro license and uninstall SUP in old pc,
Can I move to new pc to using 2018 pro license?


You can install each license on 2 computers (and use it on one at a time.)

You cannot move an old license to a new machine after you have installed (or licensed) a new version.

See the Licensing User Guide:

If you still need clarification, contact Customer Support.

but I did not install new version (2019) yet, I still cannot move an old license to new machine, is it possible?

Thanks help!

Yes it IS possible.

Read: Removing the License from an install of SketchUp

Oh, too bad.

Thanks for your help!! :kissing_closed_eyes:

again, you can install and activate the SUP version 2018 on a second system until you did not have the version 2019 activated.

The program installation of SUP v2018 on the old system did not have to be removed or deactivated for doing this.