Moving to new computer?

I am moving everything from a windows 7, 64 bit to a windows 10 Pentium 7 1000 gigs new computer.

Please advise,
a. How do I move my SU 2017 subscription to new computer?
b. what other considerations should I have
Thank you,

By the terms of the end user licence agreement, you can activate a personal licence on two machines.If you want to uninstall SketchUp, you should remove the licence, before uninstalling.
Make sure you’re connected, start SketchUp.
Goto : Help->Licence-> Remove Licence .
You can now activate on a new computer.

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Hi Mike,
Are you saying all I need to do is activate my licence on another machine, then copy files over?
thanks, Billy

Don’t copy extensions or plugins. Install fresh copies of the ones you use. Take advantage of this change to do some house cleaning and leave out extension you don’t use anyway.

You can copy any custom materials, styles, and component libraries if you have them.

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mainly I use twilight render?

NO Billy he did not say that.

YOU said you are moving everything over. Therefore it is smart to remove the license from the old machine that you will no longer use.

If you do not remove the license, and upgrade the license on another machine later, the old license will be become locked and can no longer be migrated to another machine.

If any machine that has a SketchUp license on it, will be out of your control for some time, it is a good idea to remove the license (in case of theft or an accident destroys the machine, etc.)


If you are asking about transferring your Twilight license, you should follow Dave’s advice of installing a “fresh copy.” You can read here that Twilight Pro licenses can be installed on unlimited devices, so long as they are only used one at a time.

I would also recommend that you don’t uninstall your current setup until you know for certain that your new setup is working correctly.

there is a nice FAQ from the Dutch distributor concerning the migration from SU v2016 to v2017, surely some helpful hints for migrating from one system to another even within the same version too.

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Thanks Dan,
Would you suggest I remove the licence first, then where do I go to install SU17 and then just put my licence info to activate?
thanks, Billy
PS - can’t wait to use my new computer (with great video card) and monitor with Sketchup

If it is the same version on both, and you have only 1 install currently then use this advice …

Download the latest version from the Download All page:

<b>Helpful links on SketchUp Licensing ...</b>


SketchUp Help Center User Guide

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