New Computer (Win-10-Pro) & SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version: 21.1.332

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RE: New Computer (Win-10-Pro) & SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version: 21.1.332

I’ve just had a new PC & the chap who looks after all the IT wizardry for me has copied all my old hard drive data & programmes over from my old PC to this new PC so I can continue working. I’m not into all the technical aspects to how this is done, but its something called ‘mirror-imaging’.

Athough I’ve not plugged it in yet, some of the licensed software programmes I have require de-activating before you can use it on another PC. (will only be using one PC at any one time). Therefore, can someone confirm what the procedure is with my SU Pro.

I’m not an expert in SketchUp perpetual licensing, but I think the ideal approach is to run SketchUp on the old computer, deactivate the license, then exit SketchUp. On the new computer, run SketchUp, enter the license number (I don’t remember where you do that, but SketchUp will probably prompt you for it), and then you should be good to go.

If you are unable to deactivate the license on the old computer, it will consume one of three activations allowed on the typical single-user license. In some case Trimble folks here on the forum may be able to perform a remote deactivation on behalf of the user.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the advice on this, I was going to plug the new-PC in & crack on with work & leave the old-PC as an emrgency backup. I’ve actually got three PC’s, a really-old-PC which I’m working on now (not SU-projects) as my old-PC case fan broke prior to receiving the new-PC.

As you note, when you can’t undertake a deactivation from your PC for whatever reason, you can do this online over the internet, which is exactly what I did on other programmes. I’ve just read up on this on SU-Help on the internet & it states:

Note: You must actually remove your Pro license from your computer in order to add the license to a new machine. Uninstalling SketchUp Pro without removing your license does not allow you to add the license to a new machine

That being understood, I don’t want unintall SU, just remove the license from whatever PC I’m using, however, I also noted it stated a single user could install the SU license upto two PC’s, so I may not need to remove the SU license !

I therefore went to my TIMBLE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT page & have discovered, under MY PRODUCTS, that my SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version isn’t even listed under the green status tab, instead, it lists SketchUP Free.

So not too sure if the support for SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version has been stopped as far as removing the license to enable installing it again on another PC. But it does look like this for my circumstance.

If someone could clarify further, it would be much appreciated.

The Trimble Account Management portal will only deal with subscription licenses.

Open SketchUp in the old machine and remove the license. You should be able to do that through the Help menu. You don’t have to uninstall it.

Thanks DaveR,

Ok; I’ll do that, but might just fire up the new-PC first out of interest to see if my SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version wants to come out to play or not !

So, as we were discussing, how does an SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version user remove an SU license, if that PC fails for whatever reason, given you’ve just confirmed no Trimble Account Management portal via the internet is available for SU Pro Classic (perpetual) users :confused:

It would take someone in Support to release it. Presumably your Maintenance and Support has lapsed (and of course can no longer be renewed) so you would have to hope someone would take pity on you and do that for you. Colin does it sometimes or gets someone else to do it.

If the computer with the SketchUp license is completely dead, and you can’t remove the license, you would need to contact support to ask them for help.

Your license happens to have spare activation capacity, you could carry on with the new machine and next time you upgrade remember to remove the license.

I got the license system to email your 2021 license to you, in case you don’t have the details to hand.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your clarification & additional e-mail license info on this, its much apprecaited. However, it does seem Trimble wants to make us SU Pro Classic (perpetual) users work harder for reactivating a license if ones PC goes KA-PUT … :pleading_face:

We’re not loved anymore I guess… :sob:

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The Classic licensing system has worked in this identical way for many, many years.

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It’s worked that way since shortly after Google bought SketchUp.

OT: No. In the @Last days licenses were not activated through the Internet, and you were allowed to install SketchUp on all your computers, but use it on only one at a time.

You’re right. That change did occur with Google.

Hi Anssi,
The-one-PC-at-any-one-time license appears to be a simpler fit for all.

To all,

I’ve only just got back to this due to other CAD work commitments & now need to use my SU-Pro software for a project on my new PC & report what happened as follows.

That aside for the moment, all other software worked ok & didn’t have to be re-installed, so, my IT chap undertaking this dark-art of ‘mirror-imaging’ seems to have worked, albeit, the licensed programmes did have to have the licensed info re-entered.

This was much the same with my SU-Pro, I just re-entered my license info as instructed, as initially, it noted to me, this was a new PC & didn’t want to play, so all good so far.

Ps. I forgot to note, it did have a button to uninstall the current licence prior to re-installing it.