Moving to a new machine - Classic License

Searched the archives but only found 20’ and older responses. Been on SU since the start and have/had classic license with SU 20 and 21 (currently run my business on SU20). With Windows 11 on the way and an older laptop (not supported by Windows 11) Im considering the need to upgrade my laptop sooner rather than later. Not because of Windows 11 but moreso wondering what my options now are to move my classic license version(s) of SU to a new machine. I am not moving to the subscription base Sketchup.

I was told in the past if I had my install files (which I do) and my license information (which I do) I would be able to re-install however even on this machine after installing a new HD I had to jump through all sorts of hoops with support (painful to contact) to allow me to re-install my paid-for software.

Does anyone know if I were to buy a new high end laptop, am I able to re-install SU 2020 or 2021 or both if I have the files and licenses? My gut feeling is that I may possibly be able to install 2021 but maybe not?

Thanks for any input.

You should be able to but make sure you remove the license from the old machine first.

How do I remove a license from the old machine, you mean just uninstall SU from that machine?

Before you uninstall SketchUp go to the Help menu and remove the license. Uninstalling SketchUp doesn’t remove the license. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet when you do that so the license server gets the notification and frees up the seat in your license.