Sketchup 17

hi everyone
was wondering if I could move my pro version of sketchup to my new computer :slight_smile:

thanks heaps

You are allowed to install and activate on two machines, if you wish to transfer it to a new one and don’t plan to use the old one again, you can remove the license in the Welcom screen or via [Menu} Help->Licence. There should be a remove button.
Note: deïnstalling will not remove a license, only the mentioned method of Removing a license.

More important, the license should be active, meaning that it is the last version you activated.

Suppose you bought the license for version 2017, you would have received a mail with the (automated) upgrade information of version 2018. If you entered that serial and autho code in a installed trial of version 2018, your active license would be 2018 and the possibility to install the older version on a new machine is gone.

You can run multiple versions of SketchUp on a machine, they are diffeernt programs with their own serial number and code…

thankyou so much Mike now to go email digging lol

You can resent information if you look for your serial number in he Welcome screen, copy and paste it in in the ‘retrieve license’ page:

so awesome mate Thanks so much I just downloaded sketchup 17 and license worked a treat
thanks again

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For any reader … Your friendly neighborhood SketchUp Install & Licensing User Guide …