Deinstall and Reinstall Sketchup pro to an other computer

I want to chance my computer. Can I uninstall the software SketchUp, and reinstall it on an other Computer just with a same serial number and authorization code? ( I don’t have any other informations about the software, no password etc…).


Don’t uninstall the Software without FIRST Removing the License from the computer it’s licensed for.

This allows you to keep SketchUp installed (albeit deactivated) without having to uninstall it completely.

Many licenses provide for two instances of SketchUp to be running ‘actively’ across multiple computers… with no penalty for additional installations so long as you’re not attempting to exceed more than your allotment of two active licenses at once.

Look for the >License link among the tool menu… I’m not sure where that’s located in the Windows version of SketchUp. If it’s not freestanding on it’s own… then probably within the Preferences menu, or on the Help menu— I’d guess.

Bottom Line: You want to protect your two activations of SketchUp… So don’t snuff one out by uninstalling before you have a chance to deactivate the software beforehand.

If you DO make a mistake and accidentally lose one—or your computer dies and you never had a chance to save it. then contact SketchUp and explain your story… Things happen, and they may be able to reset your number of activations back to normal.