Procedure to "Deauthorizing" SU '18 on an old iMac that died

Dear SketchUp/Colin?
My old Mid 2011 27" iMac, running SketchUp Pro 2018 has finally died!
How do I “Deauthorize” SketchUp Pro 2018 from this machine, so that I can “Authorize” it on a new, second machine? (I already have SU '18 installed on a newer, late 2015 5K iMac, but I want the ability to install SU '18 on a brand new, second iMac in the future). I will be subscribing (reluctantly) to SU 2021 shortly (before my Classic Support & Maintenance agreement expires) and installing that on my current 5K iMac. I want SU Pro 2018 as a back up on this and a future machine.
If you can, please give me step by step instructions & a detailed description of the procedure.
Thank You Very Much!

For anyone following along, the license in question did have a spare activation, so things are good.

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Thanks Colin,
OK, so you comment that my license has a “Spare Activation”, but I don’t yet OWN the future computer that I want to install my old Classic SU '18 on to!
Like a lot of us, I’m waiting for Apple to offer a higher end new iMac, hopefully a 32" 6K with at least an M1X, or better yet, an M2 chip! That’s not going to happen until maybe Spring '22, earliest, but probably later.
So, now that my “back up” computer has died, what can I do to preserve my ability to install my old Classic SU '18 on a future, not yet obtained machine?
My Classic License expires October 26, 2021, so in order to take advantage of your current 2 year Subscription Discount deal, I have to act now, right? I believe your “60% Off” Subscription Discount deal ends on December 4th, 2021, in any event.
Apple isn’t going to have the computer I want to buy available by that date, so doesn’t that mean that if I have not “migrated” my SU Pro Classic '18 “spare activation” to another (second) machine by then, I will loose that possibility forever? (I don’t suppose there is any hedge option such as “migrating” my “spare activation” to a temporary holding zone such as a portable hard drive? You have probably made sure that won’t work, right?).
As I understand it, once I Subscribe to SU 2021, I will LOOSE my ability to migrate my old Classic SU '18 license to ANY OTHER MACHINES! … Is that correct?
If so, WHY is Trimble limiting my ability to continue to apply and use my Classic license, which I have fully paid for?
Thank you in advance for explaining how the nuances of all these “Rules” apply to situations like mine!

Your 2018 license will activate on a new computer, any amount of time into the future. Beyond that you also have a 2021 license, that can be activated on two future computers. 2021 has a better chance of working on an M1 or M1X machine, than 2018 has.

Unless you have a good reason to be using 2018 (like say to support old Vray), you may as well use your 2021 license on your future machines. You have two activations available for 2021.

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Thanks Colin,
I do appreciate your patience with me and hanging in there, while I try to get clear on how this all works!
So, just to clarify a little further …
I want to clearly separate out the 2021 SUBSCRIPTION aspect of this discussion from my ability to install my older 2018 SU Pro Classic license on future machines. I think you are telling me that these are indeed separate and unrelated issues?
If I SUBSCRIBE to SU 2021 in the current Discount Deal and time frame, please confirm that won’t in any way preclude my ability to install my old SU Classic Pro '18 on future machines (other than the potential Mac OS incompatibilities that you flag (thank you!) with Apples new silicon chip architecture).
Is that correct?
If so, then I can proceed to subscribe to SU Pro 2021 without any hesitation that I can’t further install my SU Pro '18 Classic license on any future computers I may obtain!
Please confirm my questions with some clear confirmations and statements …
Thank You again Colin for your great responsiveness to your customers!

If you decide to use your classic license for the promo, you will not be able to use a version on new machines that is older than the current one, and that is 2021, as @colin stated.

While keeping the old Maintenance & Support active during the last three years, you received license info for 2019 and 2020. Since you did not activate them during the time those versions where current, you actually skipped those and those license are simply gone ( well, they exist but won’t work anymore)

If you do want to have 2018 on a new machine (for whatever reason), you need to be very careful with the timeframe:

If your maintenance expires the 26th of October, the price for converting goes up by some percentage. Waiting for Apple’s new machines (and possible delivery delays) puts you in a position where you might not be able to activate 2018 on it, because, as said, the minute you convert, the 2021 classic license will become the one that you converted.

Now unless you have a very good reason to be using 2018, I wouldn’t go for that scenario.
Even as ‘backup’ 2018, already is starting to loose webbased tools like the 3DWarehouse, Add location, etc. The new OS’s ( you cannot install old OS on new Mac) also doesn’t help.

Plus, you will always have to downsave or export to a format that 2018 can handle.
The 2021 version should be able to use file formats of newer versions.

And works on M1 (Rosetta)

You got a machine that has 2018 on it already, how many backup do you need?

You could have had the 2019 and 2020 activated with your classic licenses on it, too , but you skipped that. ( btw, the subscription allows you to use any version that uses a sign in)

2021 can be installed and activated with your classic license on it, still. It could be your ‘backup’ machine.

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Thank You Mike,
You layed it out very clearly, now I better understand my choices, and where I’m going with this!
Thanks again!

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