Reactivate SketchUp Pro 2018 Classic on a new computer

My iMac computer crashed and so I had the hard drive removed and installed in a newer iMac. My stand-alone SketchUp Pro 2018 classic will now not activate. Apparently SketchUp thinks this is a new install. I had done earlier one free activation of an upgrade to 2019, but when I discovered that was an annual renewal fee, I reverted to using my purchased Classic 2018 Pro license and it worked fine. Until the rebuild. Now Trimble won’t allow me to gain access to a activation code that works. Then sent me a new code after I was instructed to remove the license as it wouldn’t activate. The new code doesn’t work on the newly downloaded 2018 Pro. (BTW this is my 2nd install… I have 2018 Pro on one other iMac that I use in a different location.) HELP?! Do you recommend calling Trimble? What’s their number?

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Maybe @colin is able to help you with that …

If you have a 2019 license you can use that without paying us anything. What would be your reason to use your older 2018 license?

I will message you to find out enough details to be able to look up your license.

Is this the real Colin of SketchUp? Thanks for helping me resolve this. I haven’t been able to use SketchUp for a month after my computer rebuild. Do you need any info from me?

‘El Capitan’ doesn’t support 2019

Yes, that’s it. I have 2 older iMacs: early 2009 & Late 2011 both running El Capitan. And I can’t update IOS any newer apparently.