Install & Activate “Classic” Pro After Nov. 4?

With all the confusion with the dropping of the “classic” version of SU it brings up a question for me and I’m sure other users. I have Pro2015 and Pro2018 installed and running on my machines. My maintenance and support is paid and current. Have never installed Pro2019 or Pro2020 for hardware reasons ( running an older non retina iMac ). The question is if I’m able to upgrade to a newer computer at some point in the future would I be able to install and license the classic Pro2019 or Pro2020 on the new machine or would I be “stuck” at Pro2018 as that’s the last version I actually activated ?

Your 2018 license is the one you are using, but your 2020 license is the active one. You can continue to reinstall 2018 until the first time you install 2020. After that you’re committed to 2020.

2019 is deactivated, because you didn’t get around to using it before your license was upgraded to 2020.

Your support is good for almost a year, so no need to think about migrating for now. Wait and see if you upgrade your computer by then. But whatever the case, I believe that your 2018 and 2020 license will continue to be usable.

Thanks Colin .