Help with transferring SU 2020 Pro to new computer

Hi all,

I have already transferred the SU Pro 2021 license, but I am trying now to do the same with SU Pro 2020.

My understanding is that I have to remove the license from my old computer first. When I’m ready to do this I have a window that pops up:

As English is not my first language, I am afraid I am misinterpreting the warning but, to me, it reads as if my license will become invalid if I remove it, and may need to buy a new one.

Obviously, this doesn’t make much sense, but since SU2020 is the last classic license and I don’t want to lose my license, I thought I would double-check in the forum.

Once I remove it and I open SU2020 in my new computer, can I use the “authorization number”? that I got when I first installed it in my old computer?

If not, how do I get a new one?

Sorry if all this sounds silly but, somehow, the SU licensing process has always been a bit of a problem for me.


If you have a classic license, the last activated version can be transferred to other machines.
Older versions can only be activated on machines where they once where installed and activated.

Why do you want to install 2020?


Thanks for the reply! I don’t want to re-install SU2020 in the new computer as much as I want to make sure that, if I decided not to renew my subscription when the time comes, I can still use SU Pro 2020 with its current license again (I know the license is perpetual, but one never knows…).

Also, I would need to know what the process to “re-activate” would entail, hence the question about the authorization number.

In the end, I would like some sort of confirmation that it is sufficient to remove the SU2020 license and software from my old computer and then just “forget about it” until the time comes, just needing to get an authorization number to re-activate the license in a new computer.