After installing and licensing pro 2019, lost access to pro 2018

After installing and licensing pro 2019, I lost access to pro 2018. What do I have to do to keep access to pro 2018?

Do you have a network license?

No I do NOT have a network license.

Then, your 2018 should be ok, but cannot be activated on a new system, anymore.
Are you in a virtual environment?

No I am not in a virtual environment. I believe the source of the problem is that I forgot that the 2019 pro was a separate download. So I “removed license” from the pro 2018 and tried to input the new license information. It wouldn’t accept it and I realized I had to download pro 2019. I did that and it is installed and licensed. But as a fresh install, I am going to have to spend days getting it configured the way I want it and I don’t have the time for that right now. I tried “add license” into pro 2018, but now it won’t accept the serial number/authorization code. Is there anything I can do to get access to pro 2018? Thanks for trying to help!

Every version has its own serial and authocode.(2019starts with ‘U’, 2018 starts with ‘T’)
But if you installed version 2018(on the same machine) it should have recognised your license.
(For correct installing: rightclick on the downloaded installer file and choose: ‘Run as Administrator’)

Pro 2018 was already on the same machine. I haven’t tried to re-install pro 2018. I agree with you, I don’t understand why pro 2018 will NOT accept my pro 2018 serial and authorization code starting with “T”. Hence my posting here! When I try, I get a message telling me the serial and authorization code have expired. The M&S service might need to expire, but why expire the license to use the software version?

If you removed the Pro 2018 license then activated a 2019 license, I believe the 2018 license cannot be activated anymore.

If you had left the 2018 license as it were, then you could have run both versions side by side.

Yes, that is what I have concluded.

It would have been nice if Trimble had given me a warning about NOT trying to update my license in pro 2018 when moving to pro 2019.

Bottom line: There is nothing I can do now to run pro 2018 and pro 2019 side by side?

I haven’t seen quite this situation before where someone removes a license and then decides to try to use it again after activating a newer license.

It seems that you’ve unintentionally been caught up in “the way things work”. All I could say is to contact customer support and ask them if they can help.

If you are on a tight timescale, I have a feeling it might actually be quicker to get going getting 2019 configured…

Sadly, I have had to come to same conclusion.

All for want of a warning!


Download and run the installer file (2018), again

The step you did, that you didn’t need to do, was removing the 2018 license. When you install and activate 2019 on the same machine that has 2018, that will work, and it doesn’t count as being a second computer.

Something worth trying is if you have a recent backup, or anything from the last year come to that, would be to find the file C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp.lic, and replace the one that is currently there.

I just tested the idea, and I think it would work.

I tested this idea, and it would be nice if it had worked. It would be great if it did ping the server to find out that you currently have a later version license assigned to this user/machine combination, and automatically activate the earlier version. But it doesn’t.

One reason not to work that way is that it would let you go around your whole office adding 2019, installing 2018, removing 2019, and on to the next computer. Pretty soon the whole office would be running 2018 off one license.

Meanwhile, replacing that license file does work, even after removing it from 2018 and reinstalling 2018.

No, it doesn.t

He did remove the license, copy that now! But if you add it again, it basically creates a new lic file. (The recognition is by the license server, which checks what license is attached to what machine. Active licenses can be activated and deactivated. (e.g. read and write in the servers database, deactivated licenses can only read)
Thus, you cannot run the whole office on the old license, because they do ‘call home’ to get approval
The crux lies within the fact that he removed the 2018 icense while still being active…

Trimble has created an extensive Licensing and Accounts User Guide.

It cannot be of help to users if they do not read it.

I will suppose you may refer to a dialog that would warn you before the license is removed on an old version install ? Sort of a confirmation dialog.

I would suggest you post a request in the SketchUp > Feature Requests category.

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It might be tough for the remove license option to know for sure if you have already activated a newer version on any machine. It does show something to tell you that you won’t be able to use SketchUp if you remove the license.


okay, so the request might be to add a link to the licensing user guide ?