License issues after laptop crash

After my old laptop (literally) crashed i installed Sketchup Pro (with license) on my new laptop again, and it worked instantly.
Since installing all the other programs is had some problems with my norton-account vs macafee , so i did a resetting of my laptop to its original settings.
After downloading sketchup-pro again, it wasnt possible anymore to fill in my license-code. I see a grey screen with a search-option. I don’t know how to fix thies,
Now I’m afraid i used my 2 licenses.
But since i’m the only user, my old laptop is ruined, there is no way back to unsubscribe one of my sketchup-licenses.

I did send a mail to sketchup, but never now if i can expect any answer within some near future.

Thank you for your help, it would make me a very happy person to use Sketchup again.

Greetings Diederik

download the correct version (which?) for your SU Pro license, an older/newer version won’t work.

the splash screen of SU Pro should contain a license tab, otherweise you might have downloaded/installed the free/limited SU Make version.

I did download the correct SU Pro version, (since it did work an hour before i restored everything), but after resetting my computer to initial (fabric) settings, and again downloading this SU Pro Version, i couldnt fill in anything in the license tab anymore,…so thats why im afraid i somehow used up all my licenses, and would like to know how to restore this…

• which version do you want to use (2015/2014/2013/8/7/6)?
• where and what did you have downloaded (link)?

is use 2015 en i downloaded the latest link here :

windows pro 2015 64 bit

Issue has been solved by the Sketchup-team, very quick, thanks a lot!