Customer support not working


I’ve been trying to get in touch with customer support for SketchUp since a few days now. No response to an email I sent on October 15th. And now your contact support page is broken. :frowning: There’s no number I can call. So now I’m sitting on my hands here unable to solve my licensing problem because that’s what SketchUp support is supposed to be for!

SketchUp support is too inaccessible! Very unhappy over here.


I’ve contacted Support and asked them about your ticket. Someone should be in touch shortly. Thanks for your patience!


Hey Kyungsun! Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention. I discovered that our contact forms were having issues over the last couple of hours and they have since been fixed. I’m glad we were able to connect to work on the issue you were experiencing and will be working to get it fixed.


After further testing of SketchUp 2018, I see that it will not work for our office environment. Please deactivate all SU 2018 licenses for our account and re-activate all SU 2017 licenses.


Please contact Customer Support directly.


how do I do this? is there a number?



Thank you! Hopefully they actually respond, unlike last time I tried that method. I only got support’s attention after posting on here two days later.


It was explained that they had a problem with the system and also explained that it was fixed.


FWIW. There is not a big difference between version 2017 and 2018, graphicwise, they both use the same ‘graphic engine’

The difference between 2016 and 2017 was much larger, due to the loss of the ‘hardware acceleration’ choises in previous 2017 versions.

They even came up with some patches for flaky (graphicwise) systems in version 2018, so, in theory, the 2018 version should perform better.

In general, if you have a network and someone decides to activate a new version by entering the serial and code, a 60-days grace period starts.
If you do not remove that activation, all users must activate the new version.

With a network, you can only have one active version for all.

For testing purposes, one could install the trial version. The trial period of 30 days is usually enough to decide if you would activate it.


Steve at support said you could downgrade me to 2017. Please do this.


As Dave said, you need to file a ticket with Support; they’re unable to respond to support requests that come through the forum. If you haven’t yet already, please file your ticket here:


Yes, I did that. No response yet. I’m just hoping my request doesn’t get lost in the pile like my last one…


Hi Kyungsun,
Your ticket was in the support queue and responded to less than 24 hours hours after your request for assistance, as was your follow up request. Using the link mentioned by Caroline is the best way to submit a request for support as those requests are assigned as priority for the support team.