Sketchup doesn't work (2)

as written on the other post I’m having a lot of trouble with the 2021 and last 2020 vrs of sketchup on my mac.
Now I reinstalles the 2019 vrs and it works perfectly.

I tried to write to techincal assistance ( on october 25) but nobody relpy. I asked also on the sketchup facebook page help, but what I got it’s just usual reply like :slight_smile:

“Glad you reached out to our support team! You can expect to hear from us within the next few days!” ( 3 weeks ago

" HI Andrea, the best way to contact the support team is through this form:…/conta…/billing-question/form They are running a few days out on inquiries, but they are working hard to get to everyone!" ( 2 weeks ago)

( note done on 25 and explained also trough fcebook).

“Thanks for the response! If they haven’t gotten back to you in the next few days, please let us know!” ( 2 weeks ago)

“Hi Andrea! Sorry you are still having some difficulty, we will work to escalate your request with customer service!” ( 1 week ago).

Are you ever needed to request support?
Is this the ervice sketchup deserve to their customer?

Nothing change in the sketchup business with my single account, but this way of manage the request, in my personal point of view, it’s completely unprofessional and disrespectful.

Hope to hear someone how got a total different service.


Thank you for having contacted your reseller. There are a lot of SketchUp users, and we do rely on what support the reseller can do at first. They normally would then ask us for help, but I can’t find a following message from them. I have sent a message to ask them if there is a support case I can find.

Meanwhile, we already know about your situation, and someone in QA is investigating the crash logs you gave to the reseller. If we hear from the reseller we will combine what we’ve worked out in the meantime, with that support request.