Sharing my Architectural Work #1


What did you use to render this?


@kmam That’s Shaderlight and I will tell you straight away I am a novice when it comes to rendering.


As a photographer, my first instinct it to bring it into an image editor and adjust the tone curve. Literally just three data points to play with an less than a minute of work.

Better to do it with an original TIFF than a JPEG.


The tress and backgrounds seem to be really good. Not many people have much experience in rendering.

This is also rendered with that? I am glad to know what the program is I had not run into it when I was deciding which one to work with. I use Ambient Occlusion (and Unreal Engine If I am feeling like a fight…).


@kmam Ithink there may be some confusion here. Only the balcony pic is a render the other one is an actual photograph…I wish I was that good.


I thought it was but the lighting on the roof and second story is really odd. :slight_smile: So I was not sure if it was some kind of combination.


Excellent post - many of us are still at the 1/2 in 1/2 out stage between our CAD progs & SU - so more of this would be v.helpful


Nice work looks great



I have dry run several rendering programs. And I am really excited about Enscape. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I’m about to.


Enscape is Windows only, I do not now if it will work on bootcamp, but I am curious to know.


I’m showing my ignorance but I had to go find out what Bootcamp was. I have considered switching to a Mac many times given the frustration that windows can cause.


Sketchup on a Mac vs Windows is different, but not enough that you would be lost.


If you’re going to be doing a lot of rendering, it’s probably best to stick with a Windows machine and an NVIDIA graphics card. At this point in time, all available new Macs have AMD cards, none of which are supported natively by rendering engines. As a Mac user myself, I wish I had a Windows NVIDIA machine for rendering.


Are you referring to NVIDIA Cuda and AMD OpenCL?


I believe so.
We have a team here, all on top of the line, brand new MacBook Pros. VRay won’t use the GPU. Neither will any of the rendering engines we’ve tried. It’s pretty disappointing.


Seriously? I guess I better nurse these NVIDIA Macbook Pros (2012 and 2014) for a while then.


Yikes! I thought long and hard before making my last computer purchase. I wanted the light moble unit like a Surfacebook or Mac. I just could not convince myself they could handle the CADD and Rendering Software. I finally decided on a GOBOXX XML. It’s a little heavy but not as heavy as my old moble desktop Elitebook. The GOBOXX is better than my giant HP Z1 workstation which in retrospect was a huge disappointment. I feel like the guys at BOXX really understand the particulars of the way different software uses resources. They are not cheap but lets face it if you want to push the envelope you need good hardware.


As a temporary solution, you could try Raylectron rendering (ray tracing + limited features), which is compatible with AMD cards in general. Good for some types of simple photorealistic renders.

Raylectron Renderer

Recent Raylectron render


Unfortunately that’s Windows only.