Sharing my Architectural Work #1


Luxcore render has a MAC alpha release with OpenCL support (CPU+GPU) - open source.

Seems to have decent features.


For Blender only, so wouldn’t work with SketchUp at all. Also, an alpha release isn’t even considered stable by the developers.


I think we are guilty of topic creep.


Indigo render is an established cross platform Renderer and will use AMD gpu’s for interactive rendering.

AMD graphics going into 2019

True. I suppose we should split off the discussion or renderers, animated as it it, and not hijack your thread.


Let me know if you want the rendering discussions split off, and I will see if I can figure out how to do it (haven’t tried it before).


I think it takes a forum moderator to have the power to actually move a bunch of posts to a new thread, but anyone can simply start a new thread.


Right, I am getting ahead of myself.


So trying out a Dropbox Share here. This is fairly light on detail but shows some of how I’m using LO.


So I’m officially giving Enscape a try. I have a lot to learn. Here is my first attempt.
We are turning this…

Into this…


@RTCool I had to look up tone curve. Shows you how much I know about photography.


so I went inside and took a pass at the kitchen.


Super nice work!


Thank you Mitchell

Christopher F. Caponigro, AIA

400 Hutty Street

Daniel Island, SC 29492



Beautiful work! I’m hoping to do the same with a current project. This is just a stunning way of showing the power of the 3D language. Thank you for sharing!



The kitchen rendering looks great. What software was that created in?


So that is Enscape. I just bought it. I normally don’t even mess around with texture and color. I just do old school monochrome drawings. But I did that after just messing around for a few hours and watching a couple videos. As Ming would pretty cool right. I did a panorama too. I think I’ll post it.


I know it’s rudimentary but this is after just spending a few hours with the program. I’ve never done this kind of thing before. I showed it to a builder client of mine and he wants more. And it’s fun…Like modeling in sketchup.


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That’s pretty cool, I was thinking of using Unreal Engine and still will pursue it since its starting to integrate with SketchUp now. Enscape seems like a good alternative for ease of use perhaps.

Thanks for sharing Ccaponigro!


Hi everyone. The project is really nice. So as I understood you did it by yourself using Enscape?:thinking: