From SketchUp to reality - Thanks for your help


I am posting to share that my first complete project in SketchUp is coming to life.

Thank you to everyone who has answered my questions and given their opinions on my posts throughout the process. The SU community is incredible!

It’s been about two years since my first conversation with the client, so I am excited to see it come to life. This project, from the architectural to the structural plans and details, was designed and created entirely in SketchUp and Layout.


One of my favorite things to see around these parts are before and after results (and completed sets of drawings). Post more as time goes along and congrats!

Did you use medeek or do this by hand or what was your process?

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I used Medeek for the electrical work but created everything else from scratch.

I’ve tried just about every plugin or extension along the way. I even tried PlusSpec but I didn’t renew my subscription because it didn’t work well for me here in the US. It was a great learning experience, and I am now working on implementing ConDoc Tools to speed up the creation of construction documents. This project and the plan set that I created have launched me into the Arch Design business full-time. I have plenty of design work and am trying to learn how to streamline my work so I can take on more clients.

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Congratulations and thanks for posting this for others to see.

I remember when you first posted this:

(I had just seen it on my backup drive yesterday ;^)!

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