Architect Looking for Freelancer Knowledgeable in Sketchup & Layout

Hi. I am an Architect looking for help with various residential and commercial projects. All work is completed in Sketchup & Layout. Nick Sonder is my role model if that helps describe the work I ascend towards.

I am looking for freelancer(s) to help complete the work. It will be work varying from modeling/designing in SketchUp and producing Construction Documents in Layout. I am licensed and will be reviewing work, so applicants do not need to be a licensed architect. It would be helpful for applicants to be knowledgeable in basic IRC & IBC codes, general design principles, and how to note and dimension plans.

I will provide examples of my work and what the end goal needs to be so you will not be starting from scratch. I would also like to see examples of your work. Looking forward to getting hearing back from fellow SketchUp/Layout junkies.

It would help to add some sort of location information as codes differ greatly around the world. and even across the states.

I am located in Arkansas, but I would not say you have to be familiar with the codes in Arkansas as I am not expecting applicants to catch all the nuances of the local codes.

Be aware that cislabs are basically spam.

Thank you. I kinda figured as the website had nothing to do with SketchUp

The location helps as an Australian like myself or an Uzbekistani may not follow your basic construction methods.

Hi. I work as a Freelancer using Sketchup / Layout. The bulk of my work is in producing rendered images of houses but I also engage with architects and engineers to produce Planning and Construction drawings. I’m an Architectural Technologist based in Ireland so my knowledge is in Irish and British Building Codes and Standards but if you think I would be an asset to you then check out my website for some examples of my work

I viewed your work. Good to see you like to produce beautiful drawings as well. I will contact you via your website.

I too am a follower of the Nick Sonders methodology of using only Sketchup and Layout to produce all my drawings.

I design both Residential and Lt, Commercial projects here in the Pacific Northwest, work with all the local jurisdictions on all my projects re: building codes.

Would love to find out more of what your looking for and would be happy to send samples of my work.

I design 2 and 3D cad drawings. I have used Sketchup for 11years and I have 4 years of Revit from PCC, I will rebuild old blueprints if needed (I have the tools to take an old floor plan without diminsions and put accurate diminsions back into the plan), and I will go into any home and take measurements and reconstruct the walls in the plans to make the client happy. I can also take any floor plan and create a 3D model of the house with some help from the clients color schemes I can bring their dreams to life in 3 dimensional views. I can then render the image to a more realistic view and finally I can format the image into an animated AVI image. I am willing to go into foreclosures, flipped homes as well as any other type of renovation. I am willing to do floor plans, foundation plans, details, section plans. I am very interested in helping in any way possible. I would also like to sit down and go through what I can offer to your business and your clients. I have volunteered to help build props for several functions.

I am available and I will give you the results you are looking for.


Stephen Mentzer

Find me on Instagram @stephenmentzer

Or on LinkedIn:

You should contact Davin Atkins - the most skilled sketchup user and teacher on the planet. He trained as a construction manager first, then came to sketchup, so he really knows it. He’s not cheap, but he’s unbelievably fast, so even at a high hourly rate he’s a bargain. Feel free to use my name.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Liam, do you do your construction details in Layout? I use Vectorworks at the moment (for all 2D, use SU, PS and VRay for my 3D). I’ve been considering moving over - Vectorworks, whilst undoubtably powerful, is a faff to use, expensive and a nightmare to teach. Would appreciate your thoughts as your work looks similar to mine (landscape design). Thanks!

Hi fisilk, I used Vectorworks in the last office I worked but we ended up ignoring most of the 3D element of it and just used it to produce nice 2D drawings, as the process of designing using their 3D tools we found to be a bit limiting to the designing process. If we had larger budget jobs we probably would have put the time into learning the ins and outs of the software but deadlines ruled the day! While I still have Vectorworks I have now moved almost entirely over to Sketchup and Layout. The thing that causes me the biggest headache now is converting my Layout documents to dxf/dwg or Vectorworks versions for my consultants. If you need only to provide your drawings in pdf then your move into Sketchup/Layout will be a lot easier. The main thing to concentrate on are setting up templates. Templates for your Sketchup Models and templates for you Layout pages. You want to get to a point where you do as little work in Layout as possible, you just send the information there to be rendered and displayed nicely. Work in Sketchup for your linework and live model, a word processor for all the text work, a spreadsheet app for all you schedules etc… It would be great if Layout was faster, had components and better layer controls but it doesn’t. Hope that helps. :grinning:

Hi Billy. Thanks for your response. I checked out your website and you are good a rendering. I also have the need to produce beautiful construction documents in Layout. This is honestly the most important to me.

As mentioned above by fisilk and Liam, I understand that Layout is not the most friendly way to produce construction documents, but it is getting better and the aesthetics of the drawings are unmatched as far as I am concerned. I have been working with Layout for over 7 years now and they have improved it dramatically.

To address Liam, it is difficult to share AutoCAD or vector drawings, but usually consultants only use Architect’s drawings an an overlay. So converting the Layout rendering to a vector and exporting to AutoCAD works well. You do not have the layer standards associated with the drawing like when sharing AutoCAD files but what two firms use the same AutoCAD standards anyways. Coulsants should just group the vector drawing from Layout, grey out, and simply draw over. What is the largest setback to SketchUp/Layout is the process of sharing drawing information in 3D, as most firms do not use SketchUp in that manner (only for sketching/rendering). Other programs such as Revit do this but from what I have read, very large firms are getting tired of AutoDesk’s cost and clunkiness.

I did not mean to get sidetracked with your response. If you do produce drawings with Layout please let me know and we can discuss working together.


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Hi, bshelor

Your proposition is interesting. Review some of my work here:


Hi ClearPlan. Thanks for your response. Construction modeling is a growing industry although not what I am seeking. Do do see a need for your industry to bridge the 2D to 3D gap.

Those are nice drawings and the type of help I am seeking. I will follow up on your website.

hello , im a 3d sketchup professional , and can do that work for you ,
here is my portfolio and a link ,


lhoucine laoumera on Behance

you can contacte me with pleasure :

Hi, I’m a 3D designer, I work with Sketchup and Layout (and others) for architectural visualization, and I also participate in the development of architectural projects, with partner architects/engineers. Below is a link with some works developed by me. I am available to talk.
portfolio: []