Engagement with SketchUp Designer

I am working with a company here in the US that has a couple building projects that require an experienced SketchUp designer to render some exterior and interior visuals for us. We would be looking to engage in a freelance fashion and are hoping to find someone in the US/Canadian areas to ensure smooth communication and schedule alignment. If interested, please respond with both a link to a portfolio and an hourly rate and we will consider all applicants. Thank you!

***Update - Sorry forgot to include any contact details. The email you can send your info and portfolio link to can be requested through DM if you are interested. Thanks!

Do not include contact details in your public post. Ask interested parties to contact you via private message.

Putting your e-mail address in your post open it up to harvesters and is against forum rules.

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Understood, apologies

Not sure what you need but if certified freelancers fits the bill you can look at www.sloped.io.