SketchUp Art/Illustration

Hi all, thought I’d share a recently completed SU job for work. We are renovating our offices at work and needed something to put up in a long hallway. Right now we have mostly our LEED awards up but decided to frame some of the building architectural files as art. All of our original buildings were designed by J. Fredrick Larson. So we recently completed a multi year renovation of the University Gym. So I thought I’d take one of his original elevations of the gym and combine it with the new additions. I wanted to use his drawing as a base for the image and keep his part looking old and original. Sort of a mixed-media image. Any way here is his original image followed by the new elevation.
Edit: Tools used, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, SketchUp and rendered in AmbientOcclusion Pro.



Very nice! In grad school, two of our drawing teachers taught us full blown Beaux Arts water color rendering. I haven’t done much actual water color since, but I have used what we learned in digital form with graded washes (color ramps). Doing a real water color graded wash is a difficult skill to master, but it’s easy in Photoshop. Is there a gradient on the addition brick or am I seeing things?

Thanks to you and Liam. It must some sort of illusion that you are seeing as I did not apply a gradient to the new addition. I wish I had the skill to do a real water color :wink: