Take a look at a week of #SketchUp work

Hello SketchUp People,

Excited to share my latest #SketchUp work…

The following three renders took me about a week of work to finish. Tools used SketchUp Vray + Photoshop.





Any Feedback is more than welcome!

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It looks very interesting but I’m afraid as soon as I scroll to the second image I can’t help but see all the people in the surrounding buildings falling off their chairs and rolling out of their beds.
Having those building just stuck to the slope is too distracting for me to really look at the main project.

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I like the paint style of your images and the simple, yet beautiful, building style. For constructive criticism, I think there’s a conflict of styles, so maybe choose between a photorealistic style or a painting style. Or do one of each. For example, a 100% painting style image & a 100% photorealistic image. It’s really up to you though as the artist. I think it looks awesome the way it is!

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Look’s great especially the pool, but I have to agree with @Box, the sloping buildings make me slightly anxious!


Off hand I’d say you need more parking.

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Thank you @Box @Forestr @liamk887 @mics_54 for offering your valuable time to give me constructive criticism on how to be a better artist / designer!

Inception had fewer slopes!

I agree 100% with you guys.

Yeah, I am leaning (get it) to concentrate on non photo realistic (npr) renders for future projects.

Thanks for the observation I think you’re correct! I added a site plan image to illustrate more parking to the right but maybe its too far away. Although, their is a College on the other side of the road which has more parking as well and that this project is part of.

Again, thank you!

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I like the presentation, but what immediately jumped into my mind is the absence of spectator space! Will this venue be the site for any competitions? If so, you need to accommodate spectators.

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I am sorry, but the formality immediately reminded me of this:

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