Classical Style Analytique Using SketchUp & Layout

Hope you’all enjoy. If anyone wants to use the model, it is in my 3D Warehouse, MickC57…Mick C


Nice! We had to learn Beaux-arts rendering and do an analytique in school. A whole lot harder on Arches 140 lb cold press and Windsor Newton water colors with graded washes everywhere. I ended up opting for soft pastels instead for my own final drawing.

Did you composite the images all in SketchUp + Layout or use something else like Photoshop?

Hi RT, thanks for the compliment!! When I was in architecture school we learned to do it the old fashion way too. I my case graded India ink washes, also on heavy watercolor paper. It was a bunch of fun but I haven’t tried it that way in years. As for this particular image, it is straight SketchUp to LayOut. No Photoshop editing. I just used a watercolor tree background, overlapped 8 or so scenes and then used styles to lighten the edges and add a watermark overlay for a bit of softness.

Me neither. I do haul out my old examples for show and tell with my students every year though.

Neat creative use of Layout. I hadn’t really thought about overlaying scenes on top of each other.

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