A3 Presentation using SketchUp, LayOut and a Tiny Bit of Photoshop!

I decided to give SketchUp and LayOut some quality time tonight. It IS Valentine’s afterall :blue_heart:

I’ve seen a few portrait A3 presentations on Pinterest and they appeal to me; really because they’re a bit different. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work using a 3D model from a recent photoreal commission.

I wanted to show that inspiring presentations can be produced from non-photoreal (NPR) renders; you just need to keep an eye on your presentation technique to make sure you’re keeping things interesting, structured and aesthetically pleasing.

Whilst this was mostly created using SketchUp and LayOut, I did use Photoshop to blend the reeded texture for the glass unit. I also used Photoshop to produce the watercolour illustration and the paint brush effects. Adding these effects definitely elevates the overall presentation.

It always takes me a while to figure out where to position certain elements but once you’ve created a layout like this; it’s a great template for future use :slight_smile:



Looks great! Very well composed.

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Thank you! That’s made my night! Well, it’s the early hours of the morning here :shushing_face:

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Excellent work :+1:

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Cheers! I have to admit, I like it a lot!

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Great work and nice presentation style.

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Thanks DB!