Rendering and lighting


I want to advance my sketch up rendering abilities in order to help my career, I have attached a set design I have done for a conference/awards show as a sketch up visual and rendered on indigo renderer (I have not added lighting etc as this is what I cant do) I know how to add light sources but I cant make light beams or just make it look ‘‘real’’ . I have also attached a visual a professional we have paid a lot of money to do for us. I want some tips on how I can make my visuals more like the pro one attached. Thanks so much guys

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I struggle with the shadows, not sure how to make it direct so it doesn’t cast shadows, I know if I closed the model off with a ceiling it would prevent this but I just cant get the lighting right in order to do this,

For realistic renders, you should think like a photographer. Use lights that you modeled after reality and don’t use the sun for such an indoor scene.

(Additionally, the pro image looks like a collage of different photos and renders and probably wasn’t created in one go but with a lot of image manipulation.)