Need help to RENDER and create SHADOWS


Hi I am trying to finish another assignment and I need to know how to do simple shadows and also render the project.

What exactly does "render’ mean? Is it to give the surface a colour, texture, etc?

Shadows… yep haven’t done it yet. If I can remember how to upload a screenshot I’ll do that too.



Rendering just means turning a 3D model into a 2D image. Renders can be photorealistic or non-photorealistic, so technically the image you shared is a render. Did your teacher specify what to render with? For example, did your teacher say to render in SketchUp or to render with an extension? To export a 2D image in SketchUp go to File -> Export -> 2D graphic. If you need to use a free rendering extension, then I’d recommend Twilight Render V2. They have an instruction manual on their website.

Go to Window -> Shadows to open the shadow window. Click the cube to turn on shadows.


Hi Forestr, thanks for your help. Ok so we have to use sketchup, and all the other instructions are vague-as, so I have no idea what they want hey.
Looks like I’ll be able to do the shadows thing, its just the rendering now. I think I will just fill it with a colour or graduation or something. It’s haard to learn a program whilst doing an assignment hey. It’s due 9am tomorrow and its 5:45pm now…I’ll keep you posted… thanks so much


I’d recommend just exporting an image from SketchUp if your teacher didn’t say anything about a rendering extension.


thank you



Nice renders! The construction plans might be easier if the window is wood that’s painted blue, instead of being a sheet of plastic.