Rendering programmes for urban design

Hi all, I am new to SketchUp and looking for advice on which rendering programmes/ extensions to use for larger models - for precincts within an urban block or neighbourhood.
I am looking for quite a simple, minimal feel, mostly using shadows with a few lines in greyscale to depict the massing, terrain, orientation, landscape etc. of an area.
Any advice or recommendations would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Just a couple of rendering programs for sketchup, there are plenty more to find tho:

  1. V-Ray Render, payed/included in the studio license.
  2. D5 Render, free/payed - including animated cars, people, weather (urban).
  3. Twilight Render, n.a. - small & simple but unfortunately they discontinued their service at the start of this year.
  4. Rayscaper Render, [alpha, work in progress] - smal & simple alternative for the discontinued twilight render.

Other options found using google search:
Enscape, Broghter 3D, Thea, LightUp, SU Podium, Keyshot, IRender nXt, etc…


You can do this already within SketchUp using a custom style and muted color palette and the shadows tool. You’ll need to properly geolocate your project and you can save scenes to show shadow studies.

If you want realist materials - glass, grass, reflections, etc - then you need to move to a rendering plugin. I use VRay but I am doing custom residential and don’t know if it is appropriate for your use.

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Perfect! Thank you very much!

Thank you very much I will look at these!