Render Tips for Light Users

Hi all,

What tips do you have for rendering models (specifically LandArch stuff) within SketchUp? Are programs like SketchFX the best way to go? I’m working with a MacBook Pro right now (international student- thin and light matters) so Lumion and V-ray are out of the question, my aim is to set myself up for success with some photoshop post-production, more so than what I’m doing now. I’m aiming for stylization over photorealism.

Thanks in advance!

Taken a look as SU Podium? It doesn’t have all the capabilities of V-Ray, but you can get decent renders out of it. It also comes with a library of stuff (like 3D Warehouse) including light fixtures, so, if it’s already got one that’s close enough to what you want, it’s pretty quick to just drop them in.

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Take a look at Twilight Render. In particular it is easy to learn and seems to have many ways to control lighting. They also have a lot of tutorials and a very good support team.

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I’ll check these out, thanks for the suggestions! pray for my motherboard