Photorealistic extensions for Apple MAC users


Does anyone know what extension I can use to generate photo realistic models for an Apple Mac user? I’ve looked in the Extension library and the one I have been looking at is ArielVision but everything on RenderPlus is for Windows users.

Thank you

Twilight render (Hobby) -
Simlab Composer (Lite) -
Vray Next -


Two free options are TwinMotion and Adobe Dimension (if you have a Creative Cloud subscription). Both can import SKP files, and produce photorealistic scenes. In the case of TwinMotion those scenes can be animated.

There are many other rendering extensions, that cost a varied amount of money.


+1 on the SimLab and TwinMotion options. I have these on PC but both are great tools to have.

Thank you.

That’s great, thanks Colin. I have Creative Cloud subscription.

Thanks Sean

Twin Motion and Adobe Dimension are both good but are external to SketchUp. Ask yourself if you want / need to stay in SketchUp or if it’s ok to export to continue rendering process. VRAY Next has a bit of a learning curve compared to others but the benefit is that it is also compatible with both PC and other 3D modeling software so the investment in learning could transfer if ever desired.

SketchUp Podium is a plugin and runs within SU.

It currently has a minor problem on the Mac in that it hangs SU on quit and you have to force quit SU.

Twin Motion is very interesting, especially for animation, but, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s not exactly photorealistic, ray tracing technology, but gaming based rendering which has a subtly different look.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I’m still at the beginning stages with sketch up.

Ideally what I’m trying to achieve is building a house in sketchup and then make it look more realistic rather then an obvious sketch. Hope this makes sense? What you see on new build homes from an architect.