Rendering Programs for SketchUp Pro

Any recommendations for good rendering programs to use with SketchUp? I’m on a Mac so Lumion won’t work for me. Anyone use Vray? Are there any FREE 3D rendering applications out there that work well with SketchUp Pro?

Twilight Render has a hobby version, it has limits

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Vray is excellent but not free. The integration is very good with sketchup but it is relatively complex for beginners (but it is ace! In fact I do all my materials management through it’s asset editor regardless of whether I going to do a vray render or not, it has some useful UV tools built in)
TwinMotion is free (the 2019 version) and has a direct link plugin for SU so you can update your model in SU and push the changes to your TwinMotion project, it has a simple UI and there are tons of YT tuts out there.
There are other (kerkythea, podium, ambient occlusion etc) that are free, just depends on how far you want to immerse yourself.
If you are on a windows machine then Unreal Engine is a good option, very complex but a good option. TBH thats the way things are going I think. I’d be going that way myself but I’m on a Mac and there is no Datasmith plug-in yet for Mac users. (Much to my continued annoyance)

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Great info. Thank you. I’m on a Mac. What’s TBH stand for… just so I know?

I’ll check this out! Thanks. :slight_smile:

slang for
To Be Honest
Th e Urban Dictionary is quite complete, Find it here

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RLGL answered, but I was going to joke: to be honest, I don’t know what TBH stands for.

There are a lot of V-Ray users on this forum. But as you’ve already discovered, it’s not free. Be sure to check out the free trial and ask questions here so you can fully evaluate if it’s worth the money and/or meets your needs.

Simlab Composer (free and paid) works well. Opens SU files and even has a plugin. 1080 res, no waterwark on the free and no limit on the paid ($199).