Help with lights / lighting

Hi I have a building that I made in sketchup and I’m straggling with the lights/ lighting can anyone help me?

Sketch itself has only camera position or sun position shading, so I presume you are using a renderer for lighting? You will need to say what renderer, as they each handle lights in their own way.

That’s where I need help, I should’ve asked the question different, I don’t know what is the easiest and best way o doing this, what renderer should i uses? What most recommend for doing the lighting?

Thanks for the post @remiderta. Rendering is a complex topic. Each different rendering program has unique strengths. I have my own preferences on the matter but each user will have a different opinion on what is best. Rendering is an art form after all and no one answer is going to cover everything. If you are running SketchUp Pro as indicated by your profile, you have a number of options.

If ease of use is the most important factor, I have had good results with Twinmotion and Lumion when I try and teach new users the basics. If you need quality above all else though, you can’t beat Vray in my opinion. Do keep in mind though that these are highly complex programs and will take some time to learn no matter what you go with and as rendering is an art, there is no “perfect” answer here.

Really consider what your needs are with your render, how soon you need it done, and what you can afford to pay before you jump into a decision. If you have time, try a few different trials over a few weeks and see what you like best.