What render program should i go for?

As topic says, it seem like there is a ton of render program to chose from. Iv tried a little of V-Ray and it seems ok. The comunity seems big, and there is lots of videos on youtube on howto. Which is kind of important, so one does not have to spend lots of time learning. Though i find some stuff anoyingly confusing sometimes.And way to complicated. Sometimes i just want to add something simple and render. And then there is the price, quite expensive. Iv also looked at LumenRT which also seems expensive but good.

And finally the one im looking on more and more. Thea Render. Price is decent and it looks complex enough to keep me going. Many possibilities with it from the looks of it. But i can’t seem to find that many tutorials and howto on it. So how is it in use? For me lights is kind of important. So i can find out how lights work in a room etc.

I would like the lights to be easy to set up, like the possibility to adjust lumen/lux, angel of spotlight, kelvin color etc. So is this intuitive in Thea? I find it a little bit confusing in V-Ray sometimes. like spotlight angle. i Have some spots that are 35 dregree. but when i put that into vray it just makes a mess, 1.5 is more like 35 in real life.

And implemented material library. A decent library, render ready saves a lot of time. So how is that in Thea, Vray etc? Is there places to get/buy more at decent price?

So please if you use Thea or Vray or other render programs, share your knowledge. So it can help me chose which one to go for. Thanks.

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