SketchUp Possibilities

Hi All,

I was wondering if something similar to the below would be possible within sketchup, not so much the stand itself but the lighting, background colour and the flooring…

Maybe a template or extension?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The model is absolutely doable in SketchUp.

The lighting/reflections would have to be done in a rendering software (which can be fed from SketchUp).

There are quite a few threads on this forum about renderers. Take a look at a few and you will see that this should be pretty easy to do!

For sure, that can be done and or surpassed using Sketchup with a renderer such as Vray. Included is a project I’m currently working on. (The noise is just because its rendering on a low test-render setting)

I was thinking of using a free rendering program first, so i have installed Brighter3d and Kerkythea. However I’m finding it difficult to work my way around them both, the websites are less than useful as well!

here is my SketchUp model ( ) would someone be kind enough to help me on making it look similar to the first image i attached? for example adding actual light onto my lights, a background and the reflective flooring.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Leon,
do you still need to render that?
Your link is broken.
If you send me the model I can make render and tutorial video, how to do that step by step…

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Here is my SKP file, I’ve been looking into adding a exhibition hall into the background but i cant figure out how, or find an image to suit! Any help would be much appreciated.

First two fast shots by brighter3d, next in progress…

some more:
Artifical lighting only:

HDR lighting + floor with shadow catcher:

AO + dof, HDR as a background

Thats just 1-2 min preview renders, you need to wait longer to refine quality…

Would you mind showing me a step by step for the different shots please? also is there anyway you can resize the HDR’s to look more in proportion?

Is there someone i can contact to possible make a HDR look exactly how i want?

I will make video tutorial, should be ready for tomorrow…
HDR maps are made in real scale (depending on photographs), in brighter3d you can rescale them a bit but not too much…

Is there someone i can contact to possible make a HDR look exactly how i want?

You can ask photographers, but it is very tricky to create good hdr map.

You can find the links for free HDR textures here:

My model is to real scale but doesn’t look in proportion to those HDR’s?

Thanks for your help, look forward to seeing that video.

Yeah, I mean each HDR map has got its own scale, it can be changed a bit but in small range…

Tutorial is ready, have fun: