Renderers: actual lights, photorealistic walk-throughs

I’m in the market for a Sketchup renderer, but I’m very new to photorealistic rendering. Is there renderer that will allow me to drag and drop actual lamps (typical light bulbs, LEDs, halogens) into my Sketchup model? Maybe renderers don’t work this way, because I’ve not had much luck finding information. My goal is to insert actual lamps sold in stores in order to redesign the interior lighting in my home and recreate the actual lamps (size, shape, intensity, color) used in an art gallery setting. I’m willing to pay a few hundred dollars for a license.

-the ability to export photorealistic videos would be great
-works within Sketchup, a plus
-has the ability to render video and film projections based lumens
-has the ability to render photographs, as is
-has the ability to render moving video would be awesome

Thanks in advance.