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I am having a lot of trouble looking for a simple rendering extension (there are so many options and it is hard to narrow down) Can I please have some advice? Any advice is helpful. See requirements below. Cheers! :grinning: (Tutorials involved would be helpful too…)

  • Needs to be very simplistic (This is going to be used by Non-3D Designers; artists un-familar with render terms and setup)
  • Either There should be Easy clickable Pre-Set rendering situations OR I should be able to create and setup one that can be easily made a “template” for another use to use apply to a 3D model.
  • We are not rendering rooms or but rather single individual products for industrial design presentations.
  • Most important material is crystal/glass/acrylic. (See images below)
  • Secondary materials include stone, wood, etc.
  • Low cost is best as this will be used sparingly.


What version of sketchup are you on? Your profile does not say.


I apologize, I will try to update my profile.

Product is Sketchup Pro (just the generic one)


No problem. I assume 2017?


Yes. I am actually using the trial currently for testing to see if this will work for my artists and design assistants but will be purchasing a full Sketchup Pro 2017 (if this is the newest) within the next month.


There’s some good options here.

Edit: oops that’s an older link. Visualizer is not supported beyond '16. But is popular.


Thank you so much. This is a great start! I will investigate these options today. :smiley:


try free Twilight Render Hobby version first:


Thank you so much for the suggestion. :blush:


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