Best render plugin for SketchUp Pro?

We are looking into buying SketchUp Pro for our Interior Design business and would love some advice with which render program would be best? One that is relatively fast and easy to use. We have used visualizer in the past but SketchUp 2016 doesn’t work with it anymore.

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“which ### would be best?” questions are regularly senseless by design… there is no “THE best” but only the best for your specific purpose defined by constraints as e.g. in this case the area used, quality requirements, own knowledge, supported operating system, English or native language req., pricing etc.

Easy to use is ‘Twilight Render’, the free Hobby version may already fulfill your demands.

more here:

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Very well said!

The answer to any “best” question like this will be totally subjective.

What is needed is some kind of objective feature comparison table, so that each reader can make their own subjective decision based upon objective data.


Wikipedia has a page with a small table:

A private blog listing 25 renderers and what modeling applications they have plugins for:

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