Rendering - Anymore like Brighter 3D?

I’m a newbie to this so go easy on me. I know tehere’s been a 1001 ‘rendering’ questions. I’m looking for some sort of extension to the drawing tool in the way of materials. I’ve had a go at Simlab Composer 8 but I couldn’t get on with it. I’m simply looking for a wider range of material without having to go outside Sketchup.

For example, I’ve got Brighter 3D and its got a few 4-5 extra materials to play around with. Are there any other such tools that offer more materials. I want to make the models more realistic if I can, but stay within the bounds of Sketchup. I don’t really want to dip into the realm of serious external ‘Rending’ programs quite yet.

I’m designing the basic model. I guess I it leave it to the users to choose if they render it.

Another thing, the tools need to be free please.

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