How to make a render like this?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in this forum, I hope you are all well. I am 21 and I have been building on sketchup for almost 7 years now, however now I would like to create renderings for my models. I mainly produce fast ferries and now I would like to do a render such as this one, how can I do it?

There are many rendering applications that can do what you show there. You could do a search for ‘renderer’ and try out some different ones. Most are good. None is the “best”. You’ll need to evaluate a few to find the one you like.

I expect you’ll get lots of recommendations for ones that various people like so hold on to your seat.

Thank you Dave. I know that Vray is okay, but truth is that I just need a software easy to use for this kind of renderings.

Try out some different ones and decide for yourself which one is easy to use. I find the one I use to be easy enough but others have indicated they think it is difficult. It’s a personal preference thing.

If anyone could give me some advice on which program to use for such render and some guidelines on how to do it, it would be highly appreciated.

A post that has discussion on renderers.

also a list:

Renderers come in many forms, from free to expensive and easy to use to quite complicated to use.To second Dave’s recommendation, I would try a few out, many paid ones have a free trial period too. That way you’ll get to see what works best for your abilities and budget. Looking through the galleries of the various products is also a good way to see if they achieve what you want. Most of them can produce the render you show in your example, but it would be hard to show exactly how to achieve it until you choose a particular renderer, then someone who knows that particular software can chime in with ideas, but you may get better advice on techniques on that particular renderer’s forum?


Hi try Enscape3D.