How to create THIS type of render - simple+quick render for SketchUp

I am pondering over the idea of choosing and learning a rendering software for quite a while…Still haven’t had the time and didn’t make the decision of which software to use.

I would like to ask for advice.

My goal is to create images similar to the uploaded picture. Buildings, object with decay and damage…

I am relatively good using SketchUp to creat similar and more advanced 3D models and I am now looking for a way to develop my skills in terms of texturing (unwrapping , texture painting) and rendering complex, organic forms , showing tear ,wear, decay and mold…

I am looking for recommendations on a specific software and also on an online course or tutorials to learn it.

I tried Blender - which I think it’s a very good software, but it’s very complex and not sure if I could learnt it enough in a short time to creat the desired effect quickly.

I played around with Lumion and Twinmotion and they seem very good for exterior and context modelling/rendering, but perhaps a bit difficult (or just need to set up a photo studio inside the software?) for smaller objects or for interiors? (Although I seen some amazing footwear render tutorials)

I heard about Keyshot, but haven’t yet tried it and I was also recommended Twighlight about a year ago by BOX, but still haven’t got the time and perhaps wasn’t convinced to sacrifice the time to try it out.

I know about V-Ray of course, but it’s probably too complicated for what I need to use it for…

I am more into concepts rather than finished pictures.

I would love to hear you recommendation and stories.

Thanks you.

Hope you don’t think I’m being a jerk but there really isn’t a “simple & quick” solution for advanced rendering. Any render engine is going to have a learning curve. I suspect the curve gets longer when you want to delve into more complex types of rendering no matter which renderer your using.
Personally I use TwilightPro so I can’t really speak to the use of other render software. I think Twilight is an excellent value for the results that can be obtained with practice. One drawback with it is it doesn’t support the use of “displacement maps” like some of the more expensive rendering software.
You mentioned wanting to learn u.v. mapping and unwrapping your models. I suggest you look into the extension “Wrap-R”.

I think that example has actually been made from photos.- you could show that in SketchUp looking like that. That would be my first port of call.
That’s probably the easiest way to create that kind of look, to use photo textures for the main surfaces of your model.

Another option is to use a renderer that has support for decals - where you layer decal images of cracks and decay etc onitop of the main texture.

Beyond that you are into full on texture painting, which is literally digital painting.
There aren’t any shortcuts for making goo quality assets and it becomes trickier when you want to make something look less than pristine.

I’d carry on looking at Blender, that will allow you to learn many different concepts about textures, sculpting, lighting, rendering etc all within a single free product - and it is well supported by a community of creative people with many a youtube tutorial to follow.
The other professional tools, aren’t going to be any simpler to use I don’t think.

Thank you for your answer Tuna,

I have no illusions as I have some experience with rendering from the early stages of the ArchiCAD + ARTLANTIS combo of early 2000.

But seems that LUMION and TWINMOTION made the process so much easier and fun…

I would like to see which software to invest in now (time and money) which would give me the easiest, quickest workflow with SketchUp.

Have you tried Enscape? It has a similar “quick” game engine-based approach as Twinmotion.

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Hi Elmtec-Adam,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes…Texture painting and UV unwrapping come hand in hand, I suppose…I find this subject quite intimidating…

I understand better the idea of layering textures/decals. I used this with TWINMOTION and LUMION briefly and I have seen very good TUTORIALS on this.

Blender does look versatile, but again a bit intimidating…I`ve seen a good course on all aspects of texturing with BLENDER…My only concern is time…But I guess you are right…It is perhaps asking too much from one software to be efficient, professional whilst quick, and easy at the same time…

On top of texturing, lighting will be another subject to master to achieve a good quality render…

Thank you for the useful hints and for the honest opinion.

Any course/tutorial recommendations are very welcome too…

Enscape is on my list of renders, but haven`t considered or tried it…Thank you.

SU Podium is a render that’s easy to use and less expensive than, say, V-Ray. Might be worth a look.