How do I get my model to look like Sketchup's ADs?

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to SketchUp and I cannot figure out how to get my models to look the way that SketchUp advertises they can. Attached a picture for reference. Is this something built into the software or do I need to find a 3rd party rendering program? I contacted SketchUp to ask this same question and they replied that they do not give how-to information. Hoping that someone out there can help with this! Thanks in advance~

That image has probably been first rendered with a rendering application or plugin and postprocessed with an image editor.

The short answer is that these images are a composite of what SketchUp looks like or can do and a rendering software. Since SketchUp offers V-Ray as part of their Studio package, it’s likely that V-Ray was the rendering software used. There are lots of tutorials online about how to create a ‘hybrid’ rendering by combining a Photo-Realistic render version with linework exported straight from SketchUp.

See example below where this is what it looks like straight from SketchUp:

And here is the same scene when rendered in V-Ray:

Note that by default, SketchUp doesn’t show reflections or lighting. Again, a rendering extension is required for that.

It is a little complicated in V-ray but can be done. Artlantis and some other rendering apps can also create the linework effect within the renderer.