Render of 3D floor plan

Hello everyone, I found this render on fiverr and I think it is from sketchup. Can you give me an advice how it was rendered?

I have Sketchup Pro + Vray next but I thing this is from different sketchup render plugin.

Thank you.

You could do the render in V-Ray and then manually add the line work on top in photoshop using a “line work only output” from sketchup to overlay. I know in Thea render you can have section cuts exposing the interior like this illustration and the render still works in terms of lighting as if the walls were all still in place @eric-s might be able to enlighten you more in how that works in v-ray. But i looks like this could be lit as if the top is off the building? An AO render might work with the addition of the linework in post. Enscape might be good too.

see this recent discussion: Rendering in Vray with lines

judging by the ‘Parallel Projection’ and stepped wall height, I would question if it was originally created in SU…

although you could replicate it…


Easy to do in SketchUp + V-Ray. Not sure what was used to create that reference image as there’s little way to tell for sure.

Here’s a simplified process to get you started:

See my original model below. You can use section planes to get an exact cut where you want it but that can get messy if you introduce multiple section cuts at once so I instead opted to put the roof on it’s own ‘Tag’ and turn it off.

Then set camera to ‘Parallel Projection’ mode and pick a good view down into the space and save a Scene.

Here is a quick test render. I found that the default sun was too strong and cast too sharp of shadows:

So I turned off the default sun and added a ‘Dome Light’ with an indoor HDRI which gave me much softer shadows and a more diagrammatic look which is closer to your reference example.

To get the white background I just added a white square screenshot in as the ‘background image’ in the frame buffer and adjusted Exposure and White Balance right there to avoid the need to do corrections in Photoshop, or sim.

Let me know if you have any other questions once you get into it.

*Edit - I missed seeing the lines in the reference. @whiterabbitdesigncompany pointed out the process for adding those if desired. See example of what it looks like with lines:


Hello, thank you for your replies.

@eric-s - With that outlines it looks amazing, how did you make them?

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Also can you share your Vray settings. I tried to render like that and it looked horrible.

Thank you very much (11.8 KB)
Make sure to load the HDRI or similar one into the Dome Light. That will help the most beyond the minor settings here. And feel free to post your version for comments.
*And thanks for the compliment.

*Edit I removed Feature Request category as this is more of a process/workflow question.

Creating outlines for V-Ray renders was covered in a different post this morning. Rendering in Vray with lines

Thank you Eric. Very important information for me.

I will share my render soon.