How do I get this look?

I have a client who is looking for a render that has the same look / feel as the attached image. Does anybody have any idea how to achieve this look using SketchUp, V-Ray and Photoshop? Thank you!

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It shows up for me.

Screenshot - 5_23_2021 , 8_51_30 AM

Not for me (Chrome version: almost latest (*)). Your screenshot does though, thanks.

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Solved by (the importance of) updating Chrome OS!

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My intention here is not to be a smartass or anything, but you’re showing what most people would call basic photo realism. You’re asking how to create a realistic exterior rendering. There is no simple answer to that. The answer is to learn how to model and render realistically.

Now, if you already can generate realistic renderings, achieving this “look” is actually not that bad. It’s mostly adjusting color levels/balances and exposures to give it that green hue and distinct feel. That is just post processing in Vray and/or photoshop.

Thank you for that feedback. I know how to create realistic renderings, but my client actually likes a less realistic and more artistic look. He kind of wants it to look like it was hand drawn. I find that to be a real challenge with v-ray. I’ll play around with the color levels like you suggested and see if I can get this feel.

there are a variety of options for a more hand drawn look. You can take the rendered image into Photoshop and apply various filters and brushes or maybe have a look at an application like FotoSketcher to do that. I sometimes combine a rendered image that is then run through FotoSketcher with a sketchy line style image from the SketchUp model. A little fine tuning in an image editor and it can work quite well with little time or effort.

Three minute render without any materials settings, run through FotoSketcher to give a watercolor appearance, combined with a sketchy line export from SU and screwing around with saturation and color balance. All told less than 10 minutes invested. Not intended to be anything close to a perfect image. Just showing that it doesn’t need to take much time to get a hand rendered look.

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This right here.

One of the best ways is using SketchUp to output line art in a “sketchy” style, and overlay it on a rendering. You combine the pencil drawing with the smooth rendering and it does amazing job making it look hand drawn while still quite realistic.

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That’s very helpful, thank you!

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