Free extension for kitchen & bath



i just install sketchup to my laptop so im a new user ,
i am a cabinet maker and need to use sketchup for kitchen design ,
im looking for the right extension that can help me doing it as a professional and also quick ,
i saw a few extensions that can help me with that and everything is with monthly fee.
i dont have a problem to pay but first i want to see that thats what i need and i can really work with it with no problems .

can someone here recommend me on a good extension so i can at least play with it first see that it looks good and work good before ill pay for it ???


First you’ll need SketchUp Pro, not Make.


why ?


Primarily because by using Make you are violating the End User License Agreement. You say: [quote=“calibathandkitchen, post:1, topic:35933”]
…that can help me doing it as a professional…

So you must buy a Pro license. Make is not for professional use.

After that there are some extensions that you can get that will help you do kitchen and bath designs.

You also need to learn to use SketchUp because none of the extensions will do it all for you automatically.


thank you


You get a 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro to use as you like. It goes by fast so take advantage of it and learn all you can. If the extensions in which you are interested have trials, take adantage of those. If they do not then try to contact the authors to ask if they could provide a trial. If you are struggling with anything don’t waste time - just come to this forum and ask questions - you will usually get quick answers from expert users, plugin authors, and sometimes even responses from SketchUp employees.

Finally when your trial is over and you decide SketchUp is right for you, then you need to purchase a Pro license to continue to use it for your business.


The CabMaker plugin comes with a 7 day trial for Gold and after that another 7 day trial for Pro. Gold version provides additional features such as reports that link into CutMaster (panel optimizer) which even has a dxf export to CNC.

You set up your own construction rules and you set up your own material types and thicknesses.
There are lots of doors to choose from and you can even add your own panel raising or embossing profiles.


There you go. Buy SketchUp Pro and then try CabMaker offered by gkernan. Still, you’ll need to learn SketchUp.


thank you jim