I'm looking for a good cabinet design extension

I am looking for a good cabinet design extension for SketchUp Pro - at least up to 2022 update.

I use a Mac with M1 chip. Residential design. I am always interested in a good value for anything I purchase. Paid extension is fine.

I have no need for CNC or cut list extensions. I work in feet and inches - that is an important criteria for the extension.

This is my first request/topic. Thanks in advance to any and all who respond.


This question has already been asked multiple times here in this category …


The one I would look at as the most complete / best value for a cabinetmaker is @gkernan ’s CabMaker (v8 Design for your use case since you don’t need sheet layout or cultists).

There’s a learning curve, but he has a fully enabled demo available for download to try it out: