Choosing a Cabinet and Cut List extension. For Sketchup pro

Choosing a Cabinet and Cut List extension. For Sketchup pro

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Looking to make a choice on GKWare or 32mm cab maker extensions or other . With Cut list for cabinet shop.

Maybe your question is: I want help with making a choice?
Maybe you want advice about the various cabinet extensions and cutlist extensions?

Yes. I have been reading info on internet but wish to speak to some personal users thoughts. I am ready to make a choice first of the year. Thank you.

Personally I don’t use cabinet and cutlist extensions, but there are a lot of people here that do.
Maybe you can tell us about what extensions you have been reading and tell us what specific questions you have about them. I’m sure that some experts will chime in and answer your questions!

Thank you.
1). GKWare Cab Maker, kitchen, vanity closets etc. | SketchUcation


These are the extensions that I have been looking through. 

   Cut list
       1). Open cut list is the extension I use with Sketchup now.  
     I wish to create 32mm or face frame cabinetry and a complete cut list for shop use.  

Must return to work. I will look for reply’s this evening. Thank you.

I don’t use a cabinet design extension, so I can’t offer personal advice on that. I’ve accumulated a collection of cabinet components over the years and find I can quickly alter them as needed.

The two most popular cutlist extensions are OpenCutList and CutList4.1. OCL offers tremendous flexibility and is regularly maintained and enhanced. I don’t use it because for what I do it seems like overkill. I use CutList 4.1, which is simpler. Its main downside is that its author passed away a few years ago, so it is no longer maintained.

It depends on your needs, cabmaker offers a library of cabinets that you can modify procedurally, it can save a lot of time in case you don’t want to design and model your own cabinets. If you have already a library of your own cabinets made as Dynamic components or you prefer to create your own cabinets for every project that you can also modify them procedurally, cabmaker doesn’t make sense.

For making Cut lists, OpenCutList is, imo, the best plugin. The creator is already working on a newer version and the best of this plugin is that it’s completely free, you can donate to the creator though.

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Thank you. I have been using OpenCutList and enjoyed it. Butt. GKWare Cab Maker has the ability to fill in predetermined settings that allow you to set size of a cabinet click ok and it appears with Cabinet dimensions , drawer sizes , door sizes , hinge count . drawer guide count , and with all your off sets you preset. As well as the amount of materials needed to build. Now when you complete this you can send to Cut List Plus or Cut Master for an Optimized list of the complete job.